The journey from Kep to Kampot is a short one by bus. However 10 minutes into our journey, our bus broke down in the middle of nowhere. The French guy sitting in front of us decided to take this opportunity to relieve himself at the road side. A few minutes later he rushed back onto the bus giggling nervously to tell us that he’d been mid-pee before he realised his private parts were right next to a giant spider web, which was housing a spider as big as his hand. Ram’s face lit up, finally a big creepy crawly to inspect! We went outside with the camera, and the French guy wasn’t exaggerating, it was as big as a man’s hand. Ram took some photos, but it was hard to get the size into perspective without photographing a person next to it – and there were no willing volunteers.

We were going to Kampot because we’d heard there was a good live music night in a place called Bodhi Villa on a Friday night. We decided to head to Bodhi Villa first to see if they had any rooms free, which they said they didn’t so we headed back into town to a place recommended by our tuktuk driver, Moliben Guesthouse. It turned out to be pretty nice there and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Kampot is a surprisingly quiet town along a river, it’s main focus points are two bridges, named “Old Bridge” and “New Bridge”. It is also famous for Kampot Pepper, which I found to be quite enjoyable – despite never really liking pepper in the first place. We took a tip from our Lonely Planet guide and went to a Sri Lankan restaurant over-looking the river which apparently had a vegetarian menu. Ram is veggie and has been living off vegetable fried rice all month due to meat being in nearly every dish out here.

We settled down to a veggie Korma and a veggie Masala as the sun began to set over the river. At this time the road alongside the river became busier with whole families packed onto single mopeds making their way home for the evening. I also noticed that most women were already in their PJs at this point.

After dinner we set off to find an ATM, we passed a long traffic island bustling with teenagers hanging out. Two dogs suddenly jumped up and started snarling and barking at Ram. As they were not barking at anyone else, we think that maybe they thought he was a beggar with his crutches. The traffic island also featured a group of people doing outdoor aerobics to “Mambo Number 5” – this is the fourth time we’ve seen such a thing across Thailand and Cambodia, it’s almost tempting to join in… Almost.

Later that night we got our friendly tuktuk driver, Mr Hill, to take us back to Bodhi Villa, this is the point I let Ram take over the keyboard…

R+S xxx